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Medicinal animals. Altai velvet deers.
   Movie how one live beings - people, use parts of bodies, blood of other live beings, for improvement...
Vladimir Zakharov’s Theatre of Live Puppets.
   Vladimir Zakharov created the building of the theatre with his own hands from pine logs, and used crooked branches, roots and boards for making the stage and the interior design.
The leading actors of all the shows in the author theatre 2+Ky are puppets-on-the-wrist, a unique...
Vissarion community. Eco-settlement Tiberkul.
   The photo story is about the people, living in the world biggest religious eco-settlement, based in the Siberian boreal forest. This settlement is headed by the Teacher – Vissarion, his followers consider, that he is the Incarnation of Jesus Christ on the Earth.

   The photoproject about the most ancient city of the world, the main relic of hinduism - Varanasi. It still name a city of the dead. From all India people carry bodies or ashes of the relatives, for cremation or ashes immersing in sacred waters of Gang.
Cremation occurs on...
Malanka din Crasna.
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