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  The First dolphinarium appeared in Russia in 1984 on the Black Sea coast not far from the settlement Maly Utrish. After cessation of fighting dolphins’ trainings at war bases the dolphins were needed to use and specialists on scientific station who were busy studying sea animals began to make performances for tourists and local citizens. At present time there are about 250 demonstrative dolphinariums in the world and about 100 ones are built in the USA. The animals which take part in shows are mostly dolphins (aphalina). They are recorded into “the Red Book” of Russia and their catching are officially forbidden on territory of Russia since 2005. According official information in dolphinariums there are only dolphins which were born in captivity or were bought in Japan and other countries, where the catching is allowed. The price of one dolphin at animal market is about $250000-300000. Employees of scientific-research station in the Maly Utrish (Black sea) catch of marine animals: Beluga whales, and pinnipeds (seals, sea lions Steller sea lions () in the far East, spend their quarantine overexposure and sell around the world. The station contains 24 Belukha, which in the spring will be sent from the words of the Deputy Director in a "very far-abroad countries". In Russia a number of delphinariums is increasing from year to year, but competitiveness is great. Sea animals from Black sea coast (living in dolphinarium in Bolshoy Utrish ) go on tour to Russia, Kazhastan, Belorussia and other countries. This is the only place where dolphins are kept in sea valliere, so they are kept in natural conditions. The animals are transferred in special buses with bathes- two ones in each bath. The workers take some stock of sea water, fish to feed dolphins and go straight to Belorussia. They take part in circus program in Gomel. The tours last for a whole month and there are two or three performances a day.
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