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  Kushti – the most popular and known kind of national wrestling in India. Since ancient times Kushti used protection of local governors, and all competitions passed in their presence. Struggled more often to death of one of opponents. Has passed time, customs were softened and Kushti now – rather safe sports though many receptions resolved in this struggle, in the majority of popular single combats are forbidden.
Schools Kushti situated in the city of Kolhapur, state of Maharashtra. Before them there were more than hundred, now remains only five. Here from all India there come young men, since 8 years to live and train under the supervision of strict trainers who beat careless pupils birches. Trainings include numerous difficult exercises, knee-bends and sparrings in the small hole filled with the red earth with salt. In the course of struggle palvans (fighters) strew themselves this mix, for the best capture.
These athletes - a subject of national pride and an example for imitation of many Indian boys.

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